Meet the team

Texas Beef Bryan and Jill

Faith, family, and hard work. Jill and Bryan have dedicated their lives to these three things. The results speak for themselves. They’re proud of the beef they raise and grateful to be able to share it with you and your loved ones. 


Favorite Cut: New York Strip

Owner and President

Bryan & Jill Lank

Zack Beef

Zack is a busy guy. He does a little bit of everything around the ranch. One minute he’s out in the pastures getting his hands dirty and the next he’s at his computer crunching numbers. But that’s fine by him. His heart’s here in the family business.   


Favorite Cut: Bone-in Ribeye

Vice President/General Manager

Zack Mauney

Director of Cattle Operations

Mark is a genuine cattleman, you won’t catch him in the office much, and that’s just the way he likes it. You’ll find him out on the ranch taking care of the cattle. Having grown up working cattle with his family, Mark loves using his talents to teach others about the benefits of eating Better Beef. 


Favorite Cut: Porterhouse

Director of Cattle Operations

Mark Hall

Mackenzie Beef

Makenzie is a Social Media and Customer Service guru who always adds those little personal touches to everything she does. She loves sharing the Texas Beef Company story with the world.

Favorite Cut: Ribeye

Digital Marketing Specialist

Makenzie Mauney

Cody Beef

Every team needs a coach. Someone who’s laser focused on subtle aspects of the game. Someone who makes sure all the crosses and dots are on the right letters. Someone who encourages you to go the extra mile. That someone is Cody.


FavoriteCut: Short Ribs


Vice President of Operations

Cody Cobb

Kourtnie Texas Beef Marketing

We know it says Kourtnie is the Director of marketing and sales, but you’re likely to find her delivering beef, in the freezer packing an order or you might find her at an event teaching others about the benefits of eating better beef! She’s a utility player!


FavoriteCut: Tenderloin Filet


Director of Marketing & Sales

Kourtnie Hall