Whole Beef (two full sides Custom Cut)


Price listed is for your DEPOSIT*

This is the real deal. The ultimate Texas Beef Company experience.

Here’s an idea of what you’ll receive:

To house a whole beef, you need to account for approximately 18 – 20 cu ft of freezer space

  • 210 lbs from the Chuck. This includes your Roasts, Ground Beef, and Stew Cuts
  • 65 lbs from the Rib. This includes Prime Rib, Ribeye Steaks, Short Ribs, Ground Beef, and Stew Cuts.
  • 115 lbs from the Round. This includes your Round Roasts, Rump Roasts, Tip Steaks, and Ground Beef. 
  • 115 lbs from the Loin. This includes all your favorite retail cuts like T-bones, Sirloins, New York Strips, and Tenderloins. It also has more great Roasts, Ground Beef and Stew Cuts.
  • 135 lbs from the Flank, Short Plate, Brisket, and Shank. This includes your Flank Steaks, Skirt Steaks, Brisket, Ground Beef, Stew Cuts, and Soup Bones.

The remaining weight is found in fat, bone, and trim loss which accounts for approximately 5% of the hanging weight.