5 Greatest Tailgating Tips

Football is finally back here in Texas, which means it's tailgating season. Here are our 5 greatest tailgating tips to prepare you for the party!

August 21, 2022

Football is finally back here in Texas, and that means it’s tailgating season. Are you ready? Sure, throwing some food together and eating in a parking lot is easy, but the very best experiences require a little extra know-how. That’s why we’re sharing our 5 greatest tailgating tips this week so you can party like a pro. Go, Team!!!

Tailgating Tip #1: Have a Plan

First, you will need a solid plan when you’re grilling with your friends and family before the game. A great place to start is to think of things you’d need if you were having a barbeque at home. This may seem obvious, but many people overlook this excellent tailgating tip. 

For example, if you’re in charge of the cooking, you’ll need to have all the ingredients ready to go and easy to transport. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. Make sure there are food options for all of your guests. Include some lighter options such as veggies or a salad. 
  1. Grilling can be the primary way you cook the food, but even the most dedicated pitmaster enjoys a break. Snacks you prep ahead of time will give you a chance to kick back and enjoy the party. 
  1. Consider a potluck for the sides and desserts while still providing the main protein. That way, everyone is assured of having something they’ll enjoy.

Once you’ve organized the food, the next thing to consider with this tailgating tip is to ensure you have all the condiments, utensils, plates, cups, garbage bags, etc., that you and your guests will need. This includes all the tools to prep and serve food: knives, cutting boards, tongs, etc. 

Tailgating Tip #2: Get There Early

Our second tailgating tip is to arrive early. And the earlier, the better. Just like the early bird gets the worm, the first people who show up at the game don’t have to deal with traffic; they get the best spots and enjoy the most time tailgating.

You should plan to arrive three to four hours before kickoff. This will give you plenty of time to set up, cook the food, enjoy some beverages, and play games with your friends and family. 

Tailgating Tip #3: Location Location Location

Location matters; that’s why our third tailgating tip is to secure the best spot possible in the parking lot. A prime location can enhance the party atmosphere you’re trying to create, so plan accordingly. 

If you can, find a space next to a grassy area so you’ll have more room to spread out. Also, if you do find grass, you might get lucky and find a shade tree too! Speaking of shade, if you can’t find a shady spot on those sweltering days, bring along a canopy or tarp to help block the sun. Your guests will really appreciate it.

Tailgating Tip #4: Know the Rules

To truly enjoy football, it’s essential to know the game’s rules, but there are also rules you need to know for stadium parking lots. Tailgating tip number four: know the rules! 

Before the big game, find out if there are any regulations for tailgating at the venue. These could be little things like cleaning up before you leave or no unattended grills. But you might also find limits on trailer lengths or no alcoholic beverages.

Do a quick search online or call the stadium to find out any important rules you’ll need to follow. Once you know what to expect, you’ll be able to make a plan and enjoy a worry-free party. 

Tailgating Tip #5: Keep It Clean

Our last tailgating tip is a must. Cleaning up after yourself ensures that everyone can continue to enjoy pregame festivities. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that you take out everything you bring in, so get plenty of trash bags to haul away your waste. 

It helps to point out trash cans to your guests when they arrive and encourage everyone to clean as they go. Otherwise, you might be left with a massive mess at the end of the day. Lastly, assemble a cleaning crew (kids are great for this) and give everyone a job. With the right motivation, cleanup will be a snap!

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