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beef short rib

February 19, 2022

Spicy, smoky, and delicious; here in Texas, we can’t get enough smoked beef short ribs. Our recipe builds on the traditional flavors and adds a spicy twist that your family will love.

Preparation Time: 15 min

Cooking Time: 8 hrs

Total Time: 8 hrs 15 min

Type: Entrée

Cuisine: American BBQ

Yield: 4 servings

There’s so much to love about short ribs. They’re oh so tender, joyously juicy, and thanks to all that marbling, they’re also one of the most flavorful cuts you can buy. Many people enjoy braised beef short ribs in the winter, but as Texas barbecue season approaches, it’s almost time to put away that crockpot, bring out the smoker, and stock up on Premium Quality Texas Beef.  

If you love braised beef short ribs, but you’ve never tried to make smoked beef short ribs, now’s your chance. In this recipe, we combine that excellent marbling and those big, beefy flavors with our signature Texas Beef Company spice rub for a twist on the classic that you and your family will love! 

What are Beef Short Ribs?

Short ribs are smaller cuts of the whole rib bone taken close to the breastplate. Depending on where you buy them, they will vary in length from three to seven inches. Grocery stores sell even smaller sizes, but if you buy from local producers, you’ll typically find the more desirable, larger cuts used for smoked beef short ribs. 

While short ribs tend to be very meaty, they can also be tough if prepared incorrectly. Make sure you cook them slow and low. When made properly, they’ll be incredibly tender and packed with that good, beefy flavor. Remember, you can’t rush greatness.

How Long to Smoke Beef Short Ribs?

Ignoring the prep time and resting time, you can expect it to take between seven and eight hours when smoking beef short ribs. But keep in mind your time will vary depending on the thickness of the meat, as well as how consistent you keep your smoker temperature. 

Despite most barbeque recipes giving cooking times as a way to gauge doneness, we strongly recommend that you work solely based on temperature. Of course, it’s essential to have a time frame in mind, but there are so many variables when it comes to smoking beef short ribs that it’s better to let internal temperature be your guide.

Internal Temperature of Smoked Beef Short Ribs

Even if you’re an experienced pitmaster, it’s important to remember that beef short ribs cook best at a higher temperature than other meats. In fact, they usually don’t start to soften until they hit 200 F. 

As we mentioned above, to ensure that everything is moving along as planned, it’s best to use a thermometer. If you have a wireless one, you can constantly monitor your progress. Otherwise, start checking your smoked beef short ribs temperature during the seventh hour of smoking. You’ll know your ribs are done when the thermometer slides into the meat like it’s a soft stick of butter. 

Once they reach that perfect internal temperature of 200 F, remove them from the smoker to rest. Then prepare your family for some of the most tender meat they’ve ever had!

Smoked Beef Short Ribs Recipe

Our recipe is made for four pounds of delicious beef short ribs. If you have more or less, you can easily scale this recipe up or down. 

When it comes time to choose your beef, remember, when you use high-quality ingredients, you’re rewarded with high-quality results. That’s why we recommend our very own Premium Quality Texas Beef Short Ribs. They’re grass-fed, grain-finished, and always hormone and steroid-free.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 4 lbs Premium Quality Texas Beef Short Ribs (2 – 3 six-inch bones)
  • 4 tbsp Texas Beef Company’s “Can’t Beat Our Meat” Dry Rub
  • 3 tbsp yellow mustard
  • 1/2 cup beef stock
  • 1/2 cup cider vinegar
  • 1 spray bottle you can use for cooking. You can find these anywhere

Once you’ve gathered all the ingredients, it’s time to fire up the smoker!

  1. Preheat your smoker to 225 F. Use a quality hardwood for the smoke. Here in Texas, we prefer pecan, but oak is excellent if you want a milder flavor.
  1. While you wait on the smoker, clean your short ribs by trimming off the fat cap and silver skin from the top of the meat.
  1. Rub the beef on all sides with the mustard. You don’t want the ribs to be drenched. You just need an even coat to help the spices stick..
  1. Season liberally with Texas Beef Company “Can’t Beat Our Meat” dry rub or use equal parts salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and chili powder.
  1. When your smoker is up to temp, put in the ribs, and close the lid. Smoke for 3 hours. Resist the temptation to open the lid! Keep that smoke and heat inside for better results.
  1. After 3 hours, fill your spray bottle with the beef stock and vinegar. Spray each rib with a nice even coating. Use just enough to moisten the surface.
  1. Set a timer and spritz the beef short ribs every hour for the remainder of the cooking time. Continue smoking until the internal temperature of your short ribs reads 200 F.
  1. When they hit 200 F, remove the meat from your smoker and cover loosely with foil. Rest your short ribs for at least thirty minutes before serving.


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