Steak – Best Cuts: Choosing the Best Type of Steak

What is the best type of steak?

What is the best type of steak? When you go to a butcher, a supermarket, or an online store, there are so many different cuts and grades that it can be overwhelming. But to make sure that the best type of steak makes it onto your family’s dinner table, there are three important factors you should look for: tenderness, flavor, and wholesomeness.

What is Steak Tenderness

Tenderness is a measure of how easy it is to chew a steak. Have you ever had a steak that is so hard to chew that your jaw starts to hurt? That’s the worst! Most people will agree that the more tender a steak is, the more they like it.

So what should you look for to find a tender steak? The texture is the key. Look for small lines in the grain of the beef. These lines will run in one direction. The smaller the lines, the more tender the steak. 

Certain cuts are known to be more tender than others. People looking for tender often think that the filet mignon is the best type of steak. 

What Makes the Best Steak Flavor

Nothing is better than that big, beefy flavor you get from that big, juicy steak. According to a recent study by professor Rick Rasby of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, there is tons of science behind flavors. But let’s break it down for you. The main contributing factors to steak’s flavor are fat content, breed, and diet.

  • First, you should be looking for a steak that has a good marbling of fat throughout. Not too much, but look for little bits of white mixed in with the red. 
  • Second different breeds develop better beefy flavor. Hereford beef is known for its delicious taste.
  • Lastly, what the beef is fed makes a big difference. Most people agree that grass-fed and grain finished results in the best type of steak. 

Top loin or top sirloin steak is a shining example of a best cut for flavor. It’s a real taste of the country. 

Is Steak Wholesome

More and more consumers are reading the labels. Of course, clean eating isn’t new, but with increased awareness of dangerous food additives, wholesomeness is becoming an important part of choosing the best steak. When you think about feeding something to your family, don’t you want it to be as healthy as possible for them?

At Texas Beef Company the only kind of steaks we have are wholesome. All our beef is grass-fed and grain-finished. And we don’t fill our beef with chemicals, no growth hormones, and no steroids. Never have, never will. We don’t want those chemicals on our dinner table so why would we put them on yours?   

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