Incredible Juicy Hamburger Recipe

May 21, 2022

Few things in this world are worse than a dry, overcooked burger. Yet, we’ve all had one and tasted the disappointment. But we don’t have to live like that anymore. With this juicy hamburger recipe, your days of boring, sawdust burgers are over.

These burgers are so delicious that we’ve become minor celebrities at church cookouts and backyard barbeques here in our little Texas town. So keep reading and wow your friends and family with a juicy hamburger every time!

Better Beef Makes Juicy Hamburgers

The first and most important thing to consider when making a juicy burger is choosing the proper beef. Just think about it. There isn’t much to a traditional hamburger other than the patty. So when you buy your meat, make sure you buy the best. 

Eat Better Beef! The ground beef we recommend is Premium Quality Texas Ground Beef. Raised here on our Texas ranch, it’s grass-fed, grain-finished, and always hormone and steroid-free.

If you choose to buy your patties at the store, double-check what cuts are used in the grind. Look for ground chuck. It’s by far the most popular cut of beef to use. This is because it has plenty of fat, a delicious beefy flavor, and a reasonable price point.

Did we say plenty of fat? That’s right, fat content is essential because as the burger cooks, the fat within it keeps everything moist. And the key to a juicy, melt-in-your-mouth patty is to keep beef from drying out when you cook it.  

Steps for a Juicy Hamburger

Once you’ve picked the right meat, the next step in making this incredibly juicy hamburger recipe is the addition of crushed crackers. Sound crazy? Trust us, it works! This is because the starch in the crackers keeps the natural fat and juices from escaping the patty during the cooking process.

Here’s what you’ll need to make six 1/3 pound patties:

  • 2 lbs of Premium Quality Texas Ground Beef
  • 8 Finely Crushed Ritz crackers
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
  • 1 Tbsp cracked black pepper
  • 1/2 Tbsp Kosher salt
With this delicious, juicy hamburger recipe, your days of bland, burned beef are over.
With this delicious, juicy hamburger recipe, your days of bland, burned beef are over.

Once you’ve gathered all the ingredients, it takes just a few minutes to make these perfect patties. 

  1. First, set out a large mixing bowl and add all the ingredients.
  1. Use your hands to combine everything until the mixture is smooth.
  1. Separate the mixture into six equal parts. 
  1. Set out a baking sheet lined with wax paper or foil. One at a time, work the patties into your desired size. Remember, it’s best to make them a little bigger than the buns since they’ll shrink a bit when cooking.
  1. Finally, use your thumb to press a slight dent in the center of each patty. This will keep them from puffing up or bowing on the grill.

Cover the finished patties with plastic wrap or pack them into a bag to transport them to the tailgate. It is best to cook the patties the same day, but they will keep for a bit in the fridge if needed. 

Juicy Hamburger Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tips to take your burgers to the next level.

  • KEEP IT COOL – After forming your patties, return them to the fridge to chill. Refrigerating helps to keep the meat together while grilling.
  • STOP PRESSING – stop pushing your burgers down when grilling! For some reason, everyone loves to smash their burgers down with their spatula. Don’t do this. You’re squeezing out the flavorful juices that keep the burger moist.
  • JUST FLIP ONCE – Flip your burgers one time and only one time. Not only does this help to keep the juices in the burger, but it also reduces the risk of the patty breaking apart. Don’t get too fancy, chef.

Check us out! We offer grass-fed, grain-finished, sustainably raised bulk beef and Premium Quality custom beef boxes. Each one is chock-full of all your favorite cuts. We also have tons of Texas Beef Company merchandise. Show the world that you Eat Better Beef!

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