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A Premium Quality Texas Beef Company Beef Box

Digging through styrofoam packages of supermarket meat is no way to spend your day. The process of finding a good steak, the best cuts, at the grocery store can be very frustrating. So when you don’t live near a good Texas butcher shop you should order beef online. 

With the internet, you can order meat online near you, from local producers. When you do this, not only will you get Better Beef, you’ll know exactly where your meat came from. Also, buying grass-fed, Texas steaks online is much more convenient than the old fashioned way.

Order Meat Online for Piece of Mind

You want to feed your family the best, Premium Quality Beef. Those grocery store packs don’t tell you anything about where the meat came from, how it was raised, or what sort of chemicals it might have been injected with. Some Texas supermarkets even sell meat sourced from other countries that lack the consumer protections we take for granted here.

Compare that to buying meat online. Most internet beef retailers tell you exactly where your steak was raised. And most of these small-town, local beef producers use natural practices on their ranches. These might include open range grazing, and staying away from growth hormones and steroids. 

Additionally, when you order steak online, you can sometimes request to meet with the producers themselves. Some might even be willing to give you a tour of their pastures or facilities.

Order Better Quality Meat Online

To make sure you get Premium Quality Beef when you order meat online, there are a couple of things to look for. Make sure you choose a company or a local Texas family that uses an experienced butcher and a flash freezer.  

Every cut of beef should be trimmed a little differently to ensure the best quality. Experienced butchers have spent years with steaks and the best cuts. They know how to cut meat just right to ensure that the texture is as tender as possible. 
Flash Freezing is another important step. It’s a special way of preserving and protecting the nutritional value and quality of the meat. As soon as the cuts have been made, the beef is vacuum-sealed and then quickly frozen. This process ensures that the steaks are very as fresh as possible.

Order Beef Online for Convenience

Lastly, when you order meat online, it’s just a few clicks and you’re done! No more fighting through Fort Worth traffic. No more digging through dirty styrofoam packages. No more wondering if your meat has more stamps in its passport than you. This gives you more time to enjoy what really matters, eating!

Check us out! We offer grass-fed, grain-finished, sustainably raised bulk beef and Premium Quality custom beef boxes. Each one is chock-full of all your favorite cuts. We also have tons of fun Texas Beef Company merchandise. Show the world that you Eat Better Beef!

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