Top 3 Reasons to Buy Local Beef

February 6, 2021

Texas grass-fed beef is well marbled with healthy fats.

The movement to buy local beef has seen a steady increase in support over recent years. No surprise, this farm-to-table trend has been great for local Texas ranchers. But there are have been just as many benefits for consumers like you!

What makes eating local meat so great? Today we’ll explore some of the health, economic, and taste benefits of supporting your area growers by buying local beef.

Health Benefits of Local Beef

Buying local beef can be more nutritious for your family, with fewer possibilities of exposure to foodborne illnesses. This is because smaller local farms usually produce more naturally raised, free-range, grass-fed beef. When you buy local, the meat endures far less premature harvesting and stress during shipping and handling.

Switching to locally raised beef can have a significant impact on your health, even without making any other changes to your diet. This is because grass-fed, grain-finished beef is a healthier source of protein. Its benefits include things like less fat, more vitamins, and higher antioxidant profiles than mass-produced alternatives.

Remember, local ranchers work hard to provide excellent sources of quality protein for their customers. When food is produced locally from start to finish, there is greater accountability because it requires much less handling. There are fewer supply chain steps involved. This means fewer facilities, fewer shippers, and fewer potential opportunities for your food to be improperly handled or to endure fluctuations in temperature. 

Economic Benefits of Local Beef

Eating local beef isn’t just about wholesome nutrition for your family. It also helps nurture your community. By supporting area ranchers, you help the individual farm and support all the local businesses in their supply chain. 

Small ranchers buy their raw materials and equipment from businesses in their communities. Money spent locally with smaller entities stays within the local economy.

What’s more, being close to the source allows you to have conversations and choose from among those who raise their local beef in the humane and sustainable ways that matter to you. Nowhere in the commercial food chain can you hand-pick your food producer like you can when you buy local beef. Go ahead, build a relationship. Ask to meet the producer and tour the farm. See how they are treating their animals.

Local Beef Tastes Better

Don’t think that this is just a slogan thought up by a marketing team. When you consider the long production lines and extended handling involved in the commercial beef industry, it’s no wonder that the meat’s flavor is negatively impacted. 

Compare that to when you buy local beef harvested at its peak, which reaches you in a much shorter time. This reduction in the time from farm to table is reflected in the superior taste you get from locally sourced, Premium Quality Texas Beef.

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